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Handcrafted quality Australian Hardwood and Plant Based Australian Made Bio-Resin cheese / serving board filled with foraged nature.  A board to use for a beautiful table setting or to keep on display in a kitchen or bar as a work of art.


A little bit more...

These inspirational boards invoke a feeling of country style and the great Australian natural world.   They can be used to serve a cheese and fruit board.  They can be hung or displayed in a culinary space for the avid entertainer and foodie.


We make these foraging cheese boards because we love working with wood and resin and creating pieces of original art.  They are a nod to our love and passion of nature.  And of course because Mike LOVES tools and gets to use all sorts of kit to create these little beauties.


They have evolved over the years as we have developed our own techniques and style and have culminated in this final design.

They are made by carefully handcrafting sustainable Australian Hardwood, hand pouring plant based bio-resin filled with our own foraged nature, hand sanded through 9-10 grades of sandpaper then finished with Australian beeswax.


There are a lot of cheaper wood and resin boards on the market. Many of these are made with camphor laurel which is suspected of being toxic and carcinogenic.  Other boards are made using pre-manufactured mass produced boards that are decorated with petrochemical resins.  We pride ourselves on creating genuine handmade quality boards that are crafted from non-toxic and natural materials and are completely food safe.


The Important Stuff

  • Colour: Warm Rose Gum hardwood filled with seeds and wheat
  • Materials: Our foraging serving boards are made from sustainable Australian Eucalyptus Hardwood varieties, plant based Australian Made bio-resin, foraged nature and Australian beeswax.
  • Size:  240mm long x 190mm wide x 19mm deep (9.5” x 7.5” x .75”)
  • Packaging: Our cheese boards are packed into quality 100% cotton drawstring bags and then into Australian Made 100% recycled cardboard mailers
  • Shipping: These little gems are already made and we aim to book for shipping within 48 ours.  If you want a custom piece just click on the ‘contact us’ in the footer of the website and we can start the conversation.
  • Is it a gift ?: We can add a gift card – just enter the text into the spot provided when you order your board


Why are they so great ?

  • Australian Made by hand one at a time
  • Sustainable natural materials
  • Work of Art
  • Hole for hanging up
  • Oneof-a-Kind
  • Food Safe and nontoxic
  • Many different designs to choose from
  • Great gift


These are pretty special and we know you’ll love your new cheese board but they also make awesome gifts for:

  • Your loved ones who are getting hitched (big brownie points for this thoughtful wedding gift !)
  • House Warmings
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas
  • Your Mum (she’ll love the beauty)
  • Your Dad (he’ll love the workmanship)
  • Your friends and other family
  • Strangers you meet


Care Instructions

You can click the Care Instructions link in the footer of the website for all our care instructions.

Wally and Eva Foraging Cheese/Serving Board - Rose Gum, Wheat and Seeds

GST Included

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