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Our new bricks'n'mortar shop !

We are very excited to have ticked a big item off the bucket list by opening our very own tiny little shop.  We've created a beautiful boutique shop in the main street of Cessnock - the gateway to the Hunter Valley wine region.

Creating the shop from a blank canvas was an exhilarating and challenging time but we think that in the end it really was worth all the effort.

You can check out our journal to see us creating the Wally and Eva shop.

It's a soothing space with great background music (well I think it's great and depending on my mood that day it might be anything from relaxing 70's, Jazz Chill, Bossa Nova to current singer songwriter stuff...), a beautiful smell from all the lovely Lavender products and lots of ambient lighting including our own handcrafted lamps to light up your visit (if you don't know us already we are pretty obsessed with lights).

And then of course there are all the lovely handcrafted and locally made things that make up the contents of the shop (and nope - the beautiful mirror on the wall where you can check yourself out while looking at earrings, t-shirts, necklaces and the like isn't for sale but is the muse I used to inspire a lot of the colour choices in the boutique).  

The colours we used in the shop have caused me to become slightly obsessed with painting things gold.  I mean come on...who doesn't love a bit of metallic antique gold to bling up their lives ! You'll get the idea when you visit.

We stock our own products along with a few other wonderful makers and we do hope you'll set aside time to come and see us at the shop on your next visit up the Hunter Valley. 

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