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Don’t throw it all away…

Depending on your vintage you are probably now humming “on love, on love…” and if you aren’t you won’t have any idea what we are talking about !

At Wally and Eva we spend A LOT of time thinking about and planning the best packaging for our products to meet a few needs:

* That is looks lovely but will travel safely because who wants to receive a boring parcel with broken stuff inside !

* That you can re-use it (our preference) and/or recycle or compost it

* That we support local Australian businesses wherever we can


The stamp of approval

Anything we have stamped has been done using our custom made Noissue stamps with soy based inks


Brown paper packages tied up with string...

Our "Paint Your Own Earring Kits" are a whole lotta good when it comes to the packaging.  The boxes are recycled cardboard with a cellophane window, sustainable cork to hold the earrings, the non-toxic water based paints are in reusable glass jars and yep - you guessed it - it's all tied up with (jute) string.

Closing time

When it comes to sealing a parcel we have it covered.  The packing tape we use is biodegradable AND compostable !  It's made from bio based film with a natural rubber adhesive.


The printed word

All our printing is done in Australia on 100% recycled stock using vegetable based inks.


Wrap it up...

One of our favourite places to find environmental and sustainable things is Buy Eco Green.  We've been shopping with them for years and that's where our beautiful recycled tissue paper comes from.


Sealed with a kiss

Our logo stickers are printed on Avery Australian Made label stock that is 100% recycled with water soluble eco-friendly adhesives.

Our bag of tricks

This is our favourite - 100% cotton bags (made in India).  This is the packaging that keeps on giving. Don't chuck them away because they make great little travel companions.  You can use them to hold things like jewellery (of course), make-up, hair stuff, those bits and pieces you don't know where else to put (we all have some of those).


In the box seat

So you buy some stuff from us (be it at a market in person - yay - or on our website) and we need to put it into something for you or the postie to carry.  All our boxes are Australian made from 100% recycled cardboard and totally reusable.  And in case you needed more on the theme, all our gift bags are Aussie made and 100% recycled too !  



We are living in a material world...

Yep another bad 80's reference but we CAN make a difference !

We re-use what we can, try to use all of the offcuts and scraps that are created by our handcrafted creations and strive towards zero waste.  We use local suppliers wherever possible. 


Sew cool !

Our fabrics predominantly come out of India and our wadding is made in the US.  We also use recycled and vintage fabrics but always made of natural cotton and linen fibres.


The good wood

Our woodwork is made using only sustainable Australian Hardwood Eucalyptus varieties.  We make our flower presses from sustainable bamboo.


Sterling effort

Our dangle earrings are made using Australian made Sterling Silver hooks, our studs are made using hypo-allergenic surgical stainless steel posts and butterflies


The voice of resin

Resin get's a bad wrap (for good reason).  We LOVE working with resin but only use an Australian Made plant-based bio-resin.  It's as 'nice' as it can get and we keep silicon moulds on hand to use up every scrap of resin so that none is wasted.

Natural selection

We use nature in a lot of our products.  We don't buy any of it but forage it ourselves.  Most of the things we use come from our own garden together with some collecting when we go for a walk (yep, I'm that crazy person with a bag in my pocket crouching down and picking up seeds and leaves from the ground...).

Yellow Flowers

The right stuff

We need lots of stuff when casting with resin so we use reusable silicon measuring cups and utensils along with corn starch plastic free cups, sustainable bamboo stirrers and Australian made 100% recycled paper towels and backing paper.

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