...A bit more about us...

Awwwww, thanks for pressing that button (hopefully on purpose) to get to know us a bit better !

In the beginning...

We started Wally and Eva (under the name Beads for Eva) in Jan 2016.  

It started as my little jewellery and accessories business but we quickly realised we wanted to do many more things (that's that 'crazy ideas' thing I mentioned).  Eventually we changed the name to better represent the coming together of our designs and other skills.

What's in a name ?

So why the name (and yep - sometimes we do get asked if WE are Wally & Eva) ?  We have two gorgeous aging fur babies who rule the household and their monikers seemed perfect for our little handcrafting business.

Green tree 2.jpg

I'm Eva.  I like sleeping, cuddles, eating, sleeping, leaping, running around A LOT, sleeping, all things dairy, sleeping...you get the picture !  I'm of the tree dwelling variety and love to leap up high and run up and down the house a lot at maximum speed.  But that's only for the 60 or so mins I'm actually awake before I find myself a bed, blanket, lap etc to go back to sleep on.
I'm a total sweetheart, mostly very quiet and I never complain.
Oh, and I am very helpful when beds are being made or washing being folded !

IMG_1148 (2).JPG
Brown drop tree 2.jpg

I'm Wally.  I like cuddles, sleeping, cuddles, eating, cuddles, talking, cuddles, quietly sneaking up behind humans.  Did I mention cuddles ? 
I'm a bit of a Mummy's Boy.  I'm good at finding insects for her, but less than interested in doing anything about it.  And I'm definitely a 'ground dweller' (meaning a bit big, clumsy and a little senior these days to perform any acts of cat aerial acrobatics).  I leave that to my crazy 'sister'.
I always know what's happening, wear my heart on my sleeve and HATE overnight bags or suitcases because that means someone is leaving me for a while.

Why do we do it ?

I love to learn new things, design products, play with colours, textures and shapes.  My other passions are all things flora and fauna (including being a massive bird-nerd !) and cooking is my 'stressful day' therapy. 

Mike also loves to learn new stuff (though the stuff he likes learning is very VERY technical and I do have to nod vaguely sometimes when he is explaining a new thing to me...or repeating something he's tried to explain to me before).  He LOVES to work with wood, solving very tricky problems to get the results he is after and bringing many of our creations to life in the most amazing way.

We are also passionate about keeping as much as we can out of landfill so love to repurpose anything we can into new and beautiful things - it's win win !

So what's next ?

The past couple strange years have slowed down our creativity

a bit and been spent in making a 'Tree Change', doing up our

little cottage and learning a LOT more about gardening.

We continued working from home on our 'day jobs'

(being continually grateful that we were fortunate to have them). 


Now it's 2022 and with the help and support of our incredibly

talented dear friend and graphic designer Charlotte from lovefrom.shop 

we have completed a rebrand of the business to freshen it up and

give us a bit of inspiration for the future of Wally and Eva.

We are working hard to get everything ready so we can return

to markets as stallholders again very soon as well.

In the meantime, we will keep designing and creating unique, beautiful and quality things in our workshop in the peaceful Hunter Valley of New South Wales. We hope you find something you love on the website but never fear. We do custom and commissioned items as well so drop us a line and let us know what you are after and we'll do what we can to make it for you.


And now for something completely different...

It just wouldn't be us, if we didn't throw something even more random into the mix.  As you've probably gathered by now...if we have an idea and think it will work we'll give it a go.

So click here if you want to find out what other services we provide (that sounded a bit dodgy but I promise it's all perfectly innocent !).

And if not please continue to enjoy some retail therapy at Wally and Eva


Lou & Mike