We are Lou and Mike.  Our little Aussie Business (formerly Beads for Eva) has continued to evolve since we started in January 2016 and so the name needed to change with us.


Beads for Eva started as a little jewellery design business to satisfy my creativity craving from earlier days but as we continued to add designs and products to our range the name didn’t seem to fit us anymore so we looked to our funny felines Wally & Eva for inspiration and the new name was born.

The name represents the coming together of our designs and skills.  

We believe in creating high quality unique pieces from sustainable, environmental and responsible resources.  Our hearts are big but we keep our footprint small.

We support local suppliers of recyclable materials for all our packaging.

You can find us at markets (when they are able to run) where you can see our beautiful designs in person or just drop us a line via the website.

And yep – we do lots of custom designs for people so we are happy to work with you to create a unique piece for your someone special or a special treat just for you.

We are located in the beautiful Hunter Valley in New South Wales (Aus) and love nothing more than making a makers mess while we create beautiful pieces in our studio workshop.

Thanks so much for your support

Lou & Mike