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Handmade alphabet keyrings made from Australian Made plant based bio-resin and foraged nature with a warm gold keychain. Attach to a set of keys, handbags, pencil cases, school bags and anywhere else you want to attach a touch of personalised whimsy in your day.


A little bit more…

These keyrings are a special addition to our collection.  They are filled with our collected foraged nature which we cast in Australian made eco-resin then finished with an indulgent gold metal that peeps through behind the seeds, wheat and other botanicals to give it a luscious effect while still having a natury feel.


They are designed and carefully filled one-at-a-time and are made in the shapes of all the letters of the alphabet as an affordable, whimsical gift for your special someone.


3 different styles

For each letter you can select from 3 different types of botanic filling

  • Mostly Seeds
  • Mostly Wheat
  • Mostly Florals


Please note that the photos are a representation of what we will supply but each key ring is a one-of-a-kind so it will contain what you have selected but will vary from item to item and no two are the same. 


The photos in this listing show examples of variations by type.


Our keyrings are made using seasonal seeds and florals so they will change throughout the year depending on what mother nature has on offer.


The Important Stuff:

  • Letter: C
  • Colour/type: Clear resin filled with seeds, wheat and floral botanicals with a gold metallic background
  • Materials: Plant based Australian Made bio-resin, foraged nature, warm gold keychain
  • Size: 50mm high x 10mm deep x 30mm wide (2" high x .4" deep x 1.2" wide)
  • Shipping: All items in stock will be booked for shipping within 24-48 hours.  Shipping is generally 4-7 business days. If we have to make your item we will let you know straight away.


Why are they so great ?

  • Australian Made one at a time
  • Plant based Australian made bioresin
  • Cute and quirky
  • Affordable gift or stocking filler
  • Oneof-a-Kind
  • Personalised gift


They make a great gift for:

  • Housewarmings (check out our foraged boards too)
  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas (when you know you want to get that extra thing to go with that other thing or a stocking filler)
  • Mother’s Day
  • Teachers, friends, family, workmates
  • Strangers you meet in the street

"C" - Alphabet Personalised Resin Key Rings

GST Included

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