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Handcrafted cylinder table lamps made from 100% natural fabrics and Australian sustainable Tallowwood.  Designed and made in Australia.


A little bit more…

These handmade lamps are designed for use on buffets, sideboards or tables.  They provide ambient lighting, a stylish sillouette and will provide a great conversation piece at your next dinner party.


No idea why but we’ve always LOVED lamps.  It’s such an easy way to add some personality to a room.  We’ve tried a few different lamp ideas over the years but we settled on this simple yet elegant design because of its universal appeal and ability to fit into any home.  AND we get to source quirky and original natural and botanical themed fabrics.


These lamps create a statement that says “I have exquisite taste” ! 


Once the sun sets you’ll immediately want to switch on your Cylinder Table Lamp.  You’ll feel an urge to sit in your favourite chair with a book or the TV remote and a (insert your favourite drink here…) and enjoy the ambience created by the new lamp that you had to have to perfectly compliment your amazing interior design style.


How are they made ?

Mike handcrafts the Australian tallowwood bases using all sorts of tools (most of which I barely know the names of), they get a lot of hand sanding and are finished with local Hunter Valley Beeswax. 


While he’s busy with the bases I get to work making the lampshades which means selecting a gorgeous botanical fabric made from 100% natural cotton or linen (a mix of new and genuine vintage) and create the shades with metal rings using a traditional hand rolling technique for that extra special quality finish.


Mike jumps in again and puts in the electrics then they are tested and tagged by our licensed electrician Rick (top bloke !) and voila a finished lamp is ready to be part of your stunning home décor.


Once you’ve placed your order (after we’ve completed our happy dance – think Joey from Friends) we’ll pack up your lamp in carefully selected eco-friendly packaging to protect it for the journey and shed a tear as we send it on its merry way.


The important stuff:

  • Colour: Offwhite cotton with mustard coloured wattle and charcoal wattle bird design (Jocelyn Proust)
  • Size: 320mm (tall) x 185mm (diameter) / 12.6” (tall) x 7.28” (diameter)
  • Variations: There are lots of quirky botanical designs to choose from to suit your taste and décor
  • Materials: Australian tallowwood (native to NSW Australia), Hunter Valley Beeswax, New and genuine vintage 100% natural cotton / linen fabrics, German made special lamp PVC, White ABS lamp holder made to Australian Standards, 3m white cord with inline switch, 3 felt ‘feet’ so it doesn’t damage any surfaces
  • How long will it take to make: If it’s not a custom order it’s already made so you don’t have to wait – how good is that !  We aim to have all stocked orders booked for shipping within 48 hours
  • Packaging: Our lamps wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper and shipped in 100% recycled cardboard boxes
  • If it’s for a gift: write your message in the box and we’ll include a gift card


Why are they so great:

  • Australian Made by Hand
  • Natural botanical fabrics
  • Australian sustainable hardwood
  • Traditional quality techniques
  • Stylish design
  • Ambient lighting


These lamps are a great design element for your home but they also make a great gift for:

  • Friends or family who are getting hitched (you’ll get heaps of brownie points for this wedding gift)
  • Friends or family who are celebrating an Anniversary
  • Friends or family who are moving house (and if you really like them you can throw in a house warming keyring or cheese board as well !)
  • And pretty much any other gift giving occasion 😊

Wally and Eva Cylinder Table Lamp - Wattle Bird

GST Included

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