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Printed and laminated waterproof, easy-clean pet placemats for pet water and food bowls designed and made in Australia.


Our Pet Placemats are inspired by our own fur babies and business namesakes Wally and Eva (confusing I know).  They can be very messy eaters so when they were just kittens we made them a couple each using the knowledge from our backgrounds in printing / multimedia to help. They lasted for ages so nearly a decade later we decided to revisit them as part of our new range of products, honing our skills and perfecting them along the way.


These little beauties really are perfect for your favourite furry friend.  Even they like somewhere nice to eat their meals.  And we all know what discerning tastes they have for home furnishings.  OK maybe not but they WILL love eating their meals on these pet placemats that are personalised with their name. 


They are made by us in our home studio in the Hunter Valley (well more me than Mike but he’ll trouble shoot if I’m having technical dramas which is quite often – not my forte).  The Aussie and paw print designs have been created by yours truly and our dear friend Charlotte did the Cat and Dog designs for us.

When you place your order (after we’ve stopped clapping, high fiving and dancing) we’ll get to work making this bad boy.  It will be printed, cured, encapsulated, weighted, packed up and sent on its merry way to your place (or if it’s a gift for someone we’ll send it to them instead).


Why are they so great ?

  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard wearing
  • An inexpensive way to protect your floors
  • 7 great designs to choose from that suit all decors
  • Made in Australia


The important stuff:

  • Background Colour: White with black paw prints
  • Size:  425mm (w) x 305mm (h) / 16.75” (w) x 12” (h) total size including the border
  • Variations: There are other designs to choose from to suit the fur baby and décor
  • Materials: 100% recycled Australian made paper, PET & EVA Plastic
  • How long will it take to make: We will make and ship your mat within 3 business days 
  • Packaging: Our pet mats are shipped flat in special rigid craft cardboard envelope
  • If it’s for a gift: select that option and we will wrap it in 100% recycled tissue paper and can add a message (unless you’re like me and like to wrap everything yourself to your own exacting standards)


    We know you LOVE your pets and your pets will love these. 

    They also make great gifts for:

    • Friends and family who have pets (or strangers – we don’t judge)
    • Friends, family or strangers who are about to get pets
    • Friends, family or strangers who do pet sitting 
    • A housewarming (for people with fur babies) and if you want to pimp you your housewarming gift you could give them one of our foraging alphabet keyrings for their new keys (the people – not the pets)

    A3 Pet Placemat (standard) - Black and White Paw Prints

    GST Included
    • Do use warm soapy water or a gentle cleaning spray on a soft cloth and voila – spotless.

      Don’t use scourers or harsh chemicals as these will degrade the outer laminate and your mat won’t last as long.

      If you take care of them they will last for ages which means you won’t be back for another one for yourself anytime soon but you’ll be so impressed that you will get them for all your friends and family and it will be like an episode of Oprah – “you get a mat…you get a mat…EVERYONE gets a mat !

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