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Our New Toy !

We've been talking about it for an age but we finally after doing a LOT of research over a long time decided to get our own

laser cutting and engraving maching.

Insert excited clapping, whooping and waving of arms here !

With my day job in Quality Assurance it's always 'safety first' so the first thing we did before we hooked it all up was get ourselves a fire extinguisher and blanket...just-in-case (more clapping please).

The next thing we did, as our workshop is a rather dusty place, is set about creating a dust cover for our new machine.

I did manage to sew the front panel on upside-down (don't judge) but it keeps the dust off so oh well.

Being a maker is a lot of trial and error (sometimes more error than anything else) but after lots of googling, youtubing and the like we have worked it out and it's all systems go !

I've been doing my own designs for a couple of years and learning lots of new softwares in the process so that I could translate the (many) ideas in my head into real life products.

While we were working things out I was busy getting my latest designs out of my brain and into some design software ready for us to bring them to life.

We are very excited that we will be bringing our new designs to our stall at our next market (the first we've done in a while). We have quite a lot of upcoming markets and if you're passing by please come and say hi - we love a chat !

In the meantime - please feel free to enjoy a relaxing browse of our new stuff (I'm still putting it onto the website so keep checking back)


Lou & Mike x

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