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Our Friend Fritz

Back in June we received an enquiry about our Wattle Bird Lamp with some technical questions (cue Mike for anything technical), and whether we ship to Germany.

We gathered the information being asked and replied back.

Within a few hours we received a reply back and there blossomed an email friendship between us and a lovely man called Fritz.

What can we say about Fritz...

He has a great sense of humour and is a passionate Aussie-o-phile. Having travelled here a lot in the 90's for work and then doing the 'grey nomad' caravan trip around WA, SA and the NT for a few months last year, he loves Australia and the natural beauty it encompasses.

So much of what we design and make is inspired by the flora and fauna around us.

He found our lamp and wanted it as a tangible reminder of his love for this beautiful country and his particular soft spot for Banksias.

Fritz asked us to ship the lamp in a couple of months as he was going to be away so we packed it up and I popped in some Rose essential oil so it would smell nice on arrival.

When the lamp arrived we received the most wonderful email of thanks.

Following is a little excerpt of what Fritz had to say...

"...The lamp has well arrived and looks as perfect as per catalogue !

I was also very happy about your little writing, the “F” key chain and the “perfect scent” coming out of the package!

I guess it is a natural oil coming from Eucalyptus trees or something will hopefully stay for days in my living room...

Thank you very much again for the great workmanship and making this little project work against all odds, so that I have another nice remembrance to Australia and it´s fantastic people!!"

Receiving words like this and all the other correspondence we have had with Fritz has quite literally brought tears to our eyes. It makes all the hard work worth it.

We did ask Fritz if it would be ok to share this story with you all and he was as enthusiastic as ever for us to do so. He even sent us some photos to use and thoughtfully put some pictures of Australia on his computer screen in the photos - so sweet !

I hope he enjoys this little journal about him and we will definitely be visiting his gorgeous hometown if we are ever in that neck of the woods.


Lou & Mike x

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