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Helping, not helping !

So if you know us or have read some of our blogs, you'll know how much we LOVE animals of all types. We did name our business after our two fur babies for goodness sake !

We also feed A LOT of wild birds and some of the more neglected felines in our neighbourhood have realised that there is always some food, shelter and cuddles for anyone who needs it. Though quite why the spotted doves and a couple of random blackbirds have started eating some of the cat biscuits is more of a mystery...

Running a small business (and indeed a life in general) can be challenging with inquisitive little fur babies wanting to know what's going on. But the challenges go hand in hand with the joy of getting to share our lives with such a unique bunch of personalities.

We thought it might be fun to do a bit of a photo blog to show you some of those times where our furry friends announce "challenge accepted !"

I know it takes away some of the 'mystique' of what we do but we all know that behind the camera there's a lot more going on. This is Eva trying to understand my new phone stand holder thingy.

On the last 'earring photo-shoot' for the website, lovely, funny Leo (one of our outdoor friends) felt he was being neglected and wanted to be part of the action. bomb.

I can't really blame Wally - he likes to go where is human goes. He's been doing it for 11 years so he's hardly going to stop now. It's just that he finds his possie then just sits down and joins in...sigh

We attend various markets and with that goes a lot of preparation but once we are ready then it's just about packing up and loading the van.

Yep, he's a cat - that's a box - enough said. He seems to have quite a bit to say on the matter too.

Who needs to load the van when there's so much vehicle to explore. This is another of our outdoor friends who we affectionately call Tortie. She's being very 'helpful' isn't she !

But you know what, it isn't ALWAYS challenging.

Sometimes (especially when they are resting) they really are simply gorgeous...

So you see - it isn't ALL challenges !

Next Blog - we have made a new purchase and now we just have to work out what to do with it and how to use it...the creative juices are flowing and possible mayhem could follow (don't worry - we are picking up our Fire Extinguisher tomorrow...).

Stay tuned and thanks for reading !

Lou & Mike


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